Professional Portfolio

Lauren Seneca

Messiah College

Fall 2011

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Vocational Reflection with Self-Assessment Results


Personality Profile Summary


Leisure Interest Assessment Summary


PowerPoint Presentation Samples


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Internship Samples


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Vocational Reflection with Self-Assessment Results 

            Vocation is a term in which many definitions are used to define.  Reading Gene Veith’s book, God at Work, really brought insight as to what vocation looks like and how we can try to have a common understanding of a term that is so broadly used.  He tells us the purpose of vocation is to love and serve our neighbors as ourselves (p. 39).  What a simple answer and yet it is so hard to do.  Some would argue vocation is what you do in terms of work and making money.  Others would say it is what God calls us to do in order to fulfill his calling in our lives.  After numerous class discussions and readings on this subject, I have come to conclude that it is a combination of these multiple approaches.  My personal conclusion is that vocation can be any area of your life.  It is you choosing to utilize your gifts and talents to serve God by furthering his Kingdom on earth.  This is ultimately accomplished through loving your neighbor as yourself.  Now, this can look different for all of us.  Some feel they can accomplish this through a high business position, church volunteer role, missions work, teaching, being a parent, and so on.  I do not feel one area is more important than another, for they all work together to further God’s Kingdom on earth.  For me, I feel my first vocation is family.  If there is one thing I can do on this earth it is be a good sister, daughter, cousin, granddaughter, aunt, wife and mother (eventually).  Scripture even tells us that a house divided against itself cannot stand (Matthew 12:25).  If my “house cannot stand” how can I serve anyone? Additionally, I want to fulfill my vocation within the church, work, and leisure life.  When considering a job to pursue, my ultimate passion currently lies in being a bridal consultant/wedding coordinator.

            In terms of personality, experience, and skills, the two self-assessment tests were very accurate in pinpointing my strengths and passions.  The Personality Test proved that I am orderly and detail oriented, I like to help others, and take responsibility for my commitments.  When considering a job, the test suggests finding somewhere I can combine my insight of details and desire to help others.  Examples would be fields like teaching, counseling, human resource management, or health services.  Additionally, the Leisure Interest Assessment confirmed I am a “helper”, “doer”, and “persuader”.  In other words, I like advising others, hands on activities, and I take leadership.  These traits prove true in the experiences I have had.  One specific example that illustrates these qualities is my involvement in softball.  During my time at Messiah, I have been a four-year captain and starter.  With those roles come a lot of leadership, responsibilities, and influence.  I have organized and executed practices which require attention to detail.  Also, I have a responsibility as the liaison between the team and coaches and vice-versa.  I have learned many transferable skills such as teamwork as a result of this experience.  The fact that I love to help others show through examples such as the time my friend, Shannon, called me to talk about a frustration of hers.  She was upset that another girl at her school had the same wedding dress as her.  After allowing her to talk, I went on to explain how she will look completely different in her dress and no one would notice because their weddings are in different seasons and their colors, flowers, and venue are different.  Our long conversation resulted in Shannon feeling better and thanking me for all the advice and assurance I gave her.  I felt such joy knowing I helped someone overcome a problem.  At the end of the day, the most important thing to me is relationships.  If I ever ended up sacrificing relationships for a job, I would be acting out of character. Therefore, when looking at a job I want to pursue, it needs to be within a reasonable distance of my family.  However, this is currently a huge struggle with my boyfriend living in Kentucky, my family in Pennsylvania and my boyfriend’s family in Maryland.  Since it is such a difficult decision to make in terms of where to find a job, I am leaning towards staying near my family until I am able to come to a point where I can accept moving away from them.  Additionally, I would love working in the bridal industry because I find enjoyment out of making others happy and weddings are such a monumental experience and event in peoples’ lives.  In an ideal world, I would one day own my own bridal consulting business and be able to play the role of a stay-at-home mom as well.

            Knowing that I want to pursue the bridal industry, I think it would be beneficial to get some basic knowledge and experience by starting out as a sales consultant in a bridal store such as David’s Bridal.  While there, I would network in hopes of joining an event planning business as a consultant.  Once I would learn enough and feel confident in the process, I would begin my own bridal consulting business that I could potentially run from my home while being a stay-at-home mom and being involved in my children’s lives.  Furthermore, once my children are of age to play sports, I want to be able to coach them because of my passion and experience in athletics.  Although I have these plans and ideas, I know there is a high percentage for change and I am open to it.  I think it is great to have goals and a plan, but it is so essential to acknowledge the fact that we do not always have control and life just “happens” sometimes. 

End of Semester Vocation Reflection.pdf End of Semester Vocation Reflection.pdf
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 Personality Profile Summary

Your Personality Type:

Your approach to work is to be orderly, have a clear understanding of the objectives, and pay close attention to the facts. You care about the well being of other people and when dealing with them you are tactful, sympathetic and aim to provide them with practical help to support their needs. When working on a project, you prefer to collect the facts and information necessary before making decisions. You like to have things clearly stated and accurate and patiently look at details and procedures. You are committed to meeting your obligations and take responsibility for them.

Choosing Your Career:

People with your personality type are attracted to occupations where you can combine your abilities to make careful observations and use the facts accurately to provide help to other people. Examples of such occupations can be found in fields such as health services, teaching, human resources management, community services, counseling, and selected areas of business.

 Leisure Interest Assessment Summary

Your Leisure interests can be summarized as follows:

Your average score in each area is also shown below as a number ranging from 0 to 100 where:
0=Low  50=Moderate  100=High

                                                                             Social   62.50
Practical   45.83
Leading   29.17
Organizing   29.17
Artistic   16.67
Educational   16.67
0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100
Your leisure interests in the order you selected can be described as:
"the helpers"
People with a social orientation enjoy helping and advising people. They tend to be concerned about other peoples welfare. They promote learning and personal development and are very interested in human relationships. They are often described as being helpful, responsible, warm, cooperative, idealistic, sociable, tactful, friendly, kind, sympathetic, generous, patient, and understanding.
"the doers"
People with a practical orientation generally prefer hands-on activities, and tend to focus on things in the physical world. They typically enjoy working with tools or machines, and often gravitate to toward careers that can be performed outdoors. They are often described as being frank, genuine, humble, practical, natural, and persistent.
"the persuaders"
People with a leading orientation like to influence others. They tend to enjoy persuading others to see their point of view. They often like to work with people and ideas, rather than things. They are often described as being adventurous, energetic, optimistic, agreeable, extroverted, popular, sociable, self-confident, and ambitious.
"the organizers"
People with an organizing orientation generally like to be involved in activities that follow set procedures and routines. They like to work with data and details, have clerical or numerical ability, and carry out tasks in great detail. They are often described as being conforming, practical, careful, obedient, thrifty, efficient, orderly, conscientious, and persistent.
"the creators"
People with an artistic orientation tend to be creative and intuitive, and enjoy activities like writing, painting, sculpturing, playing a musical instrument, performing, etc. They enjoy working in an unstructured environment where they can use their imagination and creativity. They are most often described as being: open, imaginative, original, intuitive, emotional, independent, idealistic, and unconventional.
"the thinkers"
People with an educational orientation like to be involved in activities that have to do with ideas and thinking; these are people who like to observe, learn, investigate, analyze, evaluate, or solve problems. They like to search for facts and figure out problems mentally. They prefer working with ideas rather than with people or things. They are often described as being analytical, curious, methodical, rational, cautious, independent, precise, reserved, complex, intellectual, and modest.

 PowerPoint Presentation Samples

Sample #1

Presentation Title: Capstone Essay

Class: Senior Seminar

Purpose: This presentation was developed to visually represent to my capstone essay for my Senior Seminar Communication course.


CapstonePresentation.pdf CapstonePresentation.pdf
Size : 892.666 Kb
Type : pdf

Sample #2

Presentation Title: HCR ManorCare

Class: Introduction to Public Relations

Purpose: This PowerPoint reflected a research project and paper that focused on a company's Public Relations Department.

HCR ManorCare Presentation.pdf HCR ManorCare Presentation.pdf
Size : 689.714 Kb
Type : pdf

Sample #3 

Presentation Title: Pass It On Billboard Campaign

Class: Rhetorical Theory

Purpose: This PowerPoint was done created and presented as a Pecha Kucha (20 images x 20 seconds) to inform the class of a rhetorical text.